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AMOtronics - Your Specialist for Demanding Measurement and Control Solutions. 

AMOtronics is your reliable partner for high-end measurement technology, control systems and related services. Our test and analysis solutions are used worldwide in a large variety of research and industrial projects - in the energy sector as well as in aerospace, automotive and defense.

Based on our standard hardware and software we also deliver turnkey systems with user interfaces and operating processes tailored to Your requirements. Our team of experienced engineers offers contract research and development for individual adaptations as well as highly specialized solutions.



AMO Satellite 可擴充光纖隔離模組

可作為使用內建量測模組的替代方案,SATURN暫態紀錄器可搭配光纖隔離模組透過數位光纖通道連接到外接的SATURN Satellite。Satellite可透過SATURN進行遠端控制,光纖通訊和數據傳輸確保遠端量測探棒和SATURN基本模組間的最佳電流隔離。

•   基本8通道輸出模組
•   具備8*3MS/S的最高取樣率
•   可內搭鋰電池

•   16位元訊號解析度

•   可擴充模組化設計



AMO SATURN 高速暫態記錄器

AMO Saturn高速暫態記錄器是一款模組化的量測儀器,可從輕便攜帶的紀錄器到19吋大型機櫃形式的量測系統。模組間個別配備不同的通道數、取樣率及其他特殊的量測功能,適合各種不同類型的應用搭配。

•   模組化工業測試平台
•   廣泛取樣率 200kS/s to 2GS/s
•   可擴充通道 (最大240個通道)
•   選配光纖隔離通道

•   內建高精度校時晶片
•   已可透過LAN進行控制
•   操作簡易,大數據分析優化
•   流程自動化,可節省更多時間

SATURN Transient Recorders


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